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Nordic Walking

We carry the top two brands of Nordic Walking Poles, LEKI and Exerstrider.

LEKI Nordic Walking Poles LEKI Nordic Walking & Trekking Poles  (aka Walking Sticks)

  LEKI  Instructor Nordic Walking Poles Carbon Vario LEKI Smart Traveler Poles LEKI Traveler Carbon
  Instructor Smart TravelerCarbon Traveler

Eserstrider Nordic Walking polesExerstrider Nordic Walking Poles

Eserstrider OS2 Nordic Walking poles







Origin of Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is defined as fitness walking with specially designed poles. It evolved from an off-season ski-training activity known as ski walking, hill bounding or ski striding to become a way of exercising year-round. Ski walking and hill bounding with poles has been practiced for decades as dry land training for competitive Nordic skiers. Ski coaches saw the success of world-class cross-country skiers who used ski poles in the summer for ski walking and hill bounding, and it became a staple of off-season Nordic ski training. Hikers with knee pain discovered they could walk more powerfully with a pair of trekking poles, often eliminate or reduce hip, knee, and foot pain, and backpackers found relief from painful backs when using poles.


The first specially designed fitness walking poles with optional rubber tips (for hard surfaces, such as pavement) were designed by fitness walking pole pioneer Tom Rutlin, and his strapless Exerstrider® poles were introduced in the U.S. in 1988. Rutlin's efforts helped to urbanize fitness pole walking.In 1997, Finnish ski pole manufacturer Exel, working with another pole walking pioneer Marko Kantaneva, introduced the trademarked Nordic Walker® poles incorporating a lighter cross-country pole type design and special fingerless glove type straps (patented by the Salomon Ski Company). "Nordic walking" became the accepted term for fitness walking with specially designed poles which are now marketed by nearly all major ski and trekking pole manufacturers. Although fitness walking with poles has been relatively slow to be embraced in North America, the Nordic skiing savvy Northern Europeans quickly embraced this dry land hybrid of two of their favorite fitness activities, Nordic skiing and walking, and a little more than a decade after its introduction in Europe, an estimated 8-10 million people (mostly in Northern Europe) have taken up fitness walking with specially designed poles as a regular form of exercise


Become a Nordic Walking Machine

Nordic Walking is a simple, incredibly effective path to physical and mental health. No matter how hectic your schedule is, even 30 minutes a day with your portable LEKI Nordic Walking poles challenges your body and clears your mind. No need to stop your walking routine if you travel…take your poles with you.

With a pair of LEKI Nordic Walking poles in your hands, the most basic stroll becomes a surprisingly easy, full-body workout. If you are a runner ready to give your knees a rest, someone looking for posture help, or an active athlete needing another modality for cross-training, Nordic Walking is your Gym On The Go!

Two poles, countless benefits:

  • Strengthen your upper body and create resistance to build better bone density
  • Burn 40% more calories than regular walking without poles
  • Pump up your cardio by increasing oxygen consumption
  • Great workout without perceived exertion

These poles are crafted with the same quality materials as our world-famous Ski and Trekking poles, with the specific needs of Nordic Walkers in mind. When it comes to increasing stamina and burning calories, they’re the fitness solution for your busy life.

Where can I Nordic Walk?

Nordic Walking can be done anywhere, including paved roads, dirt roads or trails, bike paths, tracks or even in malls.  Our favorite is wide forest trails.



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