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LEKI Instructor Carbon Vario Nordic Walking Poles


LEKI  Instructor Nordic Walking Poles Carbon Vario

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Adjustable 2-section poles with aluminum/ carbon construction that reduces overall swing weight and promotes a quicker pace for advanced fitness walkers.


Product Description:
Full size adjustable Nordic Walking poles using 100% carbon for lightness and rigidity in the lower section, reducing the effort required from the hands to precisely plant the poles when moving quickly.
A great pole for the regular Nordic Walker that reduces vibration to a minimum.

Dual aluminum and carbon construction, streamlined grips and height adjustability make LEKI Instructor Nordic walking poles ideal for advanced fitness walkers. High-performance wrist straps and fitness-specific rubber walking tips equip the Instructor with the features needed for aerobic activity.

Rapidly growing in popularity in the United States, Nordic walking is a fresh approach to fitness. Started by the Finnish cross-country ski team to maintain conditioning during snow-less summer months, Nordic walking burns at least 20 percent more calories than regular walking. Two specially designed poles are used in a manner that mimics cross-country skiing, swinging to match each step you take and working your upper body while you walk. Nordic walking poles have a narrower grip than traditional trekking poles and feature form-fitting wrist straps and tapered rubber tips designed specifically for fitness walking.

LEKI utilizes lightweight anodized aluminum in the upper shaft of the two-section Instructor and constructs the lower shaft from ultra-light carbon. By utilizing carbon, LEKI reduces the overall swing weight of the poles while the aluminum increases overall durability.

Nordic walking subjects your wrists to a great amount of repetitive stress. The Instructor's Trigger Shark grips incorporate woven straps designed to help alleviate this issue. Completely hugging your wrist and hand, the trigger straps provide secure support and help to absorb the shock caused by the impact of each stride. An integrated click-release enables you to fully adjust the straps and disengage them from the poles when you need your hands free. When you're ready to go again, simply pop the straps back onto the grips and you can be on your way without any need for readjusting. The textured cork grip provides a firm, tactile handhold and reduces the sweat and tenderness caused by less forgiving grips.

Designed to deflect up to 30 degrees without damaging the lower pole sections of Instructor poles, LEKI's carbide flex tips greatly increase the longevity of your poles. These tips are ideal for use on gravel or slick surfaces. Press-fit rubber Nordic walking tips are included for optimal grip, support and stability on pavement. These tips should always face towards the back, behind you, allowing you to "push off" more efficiently and increasing your upper body workout.

LEKI Instructor Nordic walking poles are sold in pairs.

LEKI part number: NW6332634


LEKI Nordic Walking polesWalking Sticks

Information for Nordic Walking with LEKI walking poles.

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Nordic walking warm-up (9.3MB / 04:27)

Nordic walking technique (7.4MB / 03:28)

Pole-length adjustment (3.4MB / 01:35)

Wrist-strap adjustment (4.7MB / 02:13

What size pole do you need?

Adjusting your poles

People come in all sizes and heights. That’s why LEKI developed the Easy Lock System. You can lengthen or shorten your poles as needed. And do it with less tightening effort than any other adjustable poles.

  1. twistTo adjust the pole height, hold it diagonally with your left hand on the upper section and your right hand on the lower section. Begin turning the lower section in your right hand, towards you, approximately 5-10 turns or until you can slide the sections apart easily.
  2. Place the pole upright and with your hand holding the grip, bend your elbow 90 degrees, making small adjustments in the height of the pole as you get into position.
  3. twistLock the correct adjustment by holding the pole diagonally again with the lower section in your right hand. Begin turning the lower section away from you 5-10 turns until you feel the sections start to lock.
  4. Now, place the pole in the upright position and straighten your arm, allowing a slight bend at the elbow…that’s it, the correct Nordic Walking position for maximum traction and power.
  5. Put your hand into the Adjustable/Releasable Trigger Strap and you’re ready to go.
  1. The Trigger Strap is designed to fit on the right and left hand, indicated by a red “R” or “L” on the strap (A). Loosen the strap and insert your hand into the strap area, making sure the red elastic band is between your thumb and forefinger. Tighten the strap across the back of your hand to a comfortable snugness (B).
  2. To release the Trigger Strap, pull the release lever on top of the grip towards you, while pulling your hand (within the strap) away from the grip (C). To click the Trigger Strap back into the grip, simply push the ridged connector piece into the slot until the last click (D).

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LEKI is pronounced, “Lake-ee”. LE is the first two letters of the owner’s last name, Klaus Lenhart, and KI is from the location of the company, Kirchheim/Teck, Germany. This information will help you win trivia contests; we suggest you donate your winnings to your favorite Outdoor Industry Association non-profit agency.

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