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LEKI  Sierra SAS TO2152

Leki Sierra Trekking Pole

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The Sierra SAS from LEKI supports you and your camera. This compact, lightweight pole gives you shock absorption and extra stability on the trail, and the wooden knob unscrews to give you an instant monopod camera mount for sharp pictures in low light.

  • Wood-Thermo Grip
  • Built In Camera Mount under Wooden Knob
  • Super Lock System
  • Soft Antishock System Lite
  • Interchangeable Basket System
  • Carbide Flextip
  • Rubber Tip Attachment
  • Weight: 10.5 oz, Length: 78-145 cm

SAS (Soft Antishock System)

Soft Antishock System
The new internal LEKI Soft Antishock System (SAS) is the perfect combination of steel spring and elastomer, for a quiet ride and less rebound. Reduced stress on the joints, muscles and ligaments are a major benefit. With one on/off movement, the spring can be activated or deactivated. By embedding the spring in the shaft, it is kept cleaner and requires less maintenance, and the on/off mechanism is visible for reference. Simply loosen the middle shaft section, and separate it from the upper shaft section, being cautious not to wriggle at the weakest point.


What size pole do you need?

LEKI Nordic Walking Pole size selector

Adjusting your poles

People come in all sizes and heights. That’s why LEKI developed the *Easy Lock System. You can lengthen or shorten your poles as needed. And do it with less tightening effort than any other adjustable poles.

  1. To adjust the pole height, hold it horizontally with your left hand on the upper section and your right hand on the lower section. Begin turning the lower section in your right hand, towards you, approximately 5-10 turns or until you can slide the sections apart easily.
  2. Place the pole upright and with your hand holding the grip, bend your elbow 90 degrees, making small adjustments in the height of the pole as you get into position.
  3. Lock the correct adjustment by holding the pole horizontally again with the lower section in your right hand. Begin turning the lower section away from you 5-10 turns until you feel the sections start to lock.
  4. Now, place the pole in the upright position and straighten your arm, allowing a slight bend at the elbow…that’s it, the correct Nordic Walking position for maximum traction and power.
  5. Put your hand into the Adjustable/Releasable Trigger Strap and you’re ready to go.

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LEKI is pronounced, “Lake-ee”. LE is the first two letters of the owner’s last name, Klaus Lenhart, and KI is from the location of the company, Kirchheim/Teck, Germany. This information will help you win trivia contests; we suggest you donate your winnings to your favorite Outdoor Industry Association non-profit agency.

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