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Bright Gear on Dark Streets
Working out before or after daylight? Suit up with the latest safety clothing.

By Perry Dau, Revel Sports

Early Spring when Daylight Savings Time begins, it's likely that it's dark when your early morning run begins. You may be putting yourself in danger. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when standard time begins each fall, the average number of fatal pedestrian accidents around sunset climbs 400 percent. The beginning of Daylight Savings time in the Spring is also a concern for those who exercise in the early AM. That's why what you wear -- and how easily you're seen -- can mean the difference between a good run and a trip to the ER.

You can't miss clothes made with illumiNITE, a material developed by Reflective Technologies, Inc. illumiNITE fabrics are made by embedding millions of microscopic reflectors into the weave. During the day, the fabrics look like ordinary clothing, but at night they reflect any light that shines on them. Even though the material has a Teflon coating for water resistance, it is washable and as supple as other fabrics. Revel Sports sells a wide variety of illumiNITE products, including vests, jackets and short-sleeve jersey  made with moisture-wicking polyester. . Order online at www.RevelSports.com or by calling 1-866-502-4125.


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About the Author
Perry Dau is the owner of
Revel Sports, a specialty, on-line running store. Perry has been a runner and "silent sports" enthusiast for nearly 30 years.

Perry Dau can be reached at: perry[at]RevelSports.com

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