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Walking Safety, An Ounce of Prevention

Walking Safety, An Ounce of Prevention

1. Walk facing the traffic on the far left when walking on the road. Take special caution of oncoming traffic when walking up steep hills when visibility is reduced or nonexistent.

2. Wear visible “day bright” (flouro-lime or blaze orange) clothes during the day and reflective clothing when walking at night. Consider using a light for even better visibility.

3. Carry your charged cell phone with an ICE (in case of emergency) number entered in your phone book.

4. Carry a form of ID and appropriate medical alert information.

5. Carry any potentially necessary medicines, i.e. Inhalers, Epi-pen, Nitroglycerin and diabetic supplies, etc.

6. Carry a small amount of cash for emergency funds (taxi, phone, food, beverage, etc…)

7. Leave the headphones at home. It is important to be able to hear oncoming traffic including motor vehicles, bicycles, runners, etc.

8. Be aware of your environment especially if you are walking in a new location. Pay attention for warning signs of potential danger such as stray dogs, construction zones, suspicious people, etc. Consider carrying pepper spray, a whistle, etc. Leave jewelry at home to prevent yourself from being a target and consider varying your route.

9. Walk with a friend if possible, otherwise it is good to let someone know your route and expected time of return.

10. Beware of drivers. Do not assume that drivers see you, especially when they are backing out of driveways or if you are walking in an area that doesn’t typically have pedestrians. Make eye contact when possible to be assured that they see you when crossing a street.

11. Be aware of the signs of dehydration, hypo and hyperthermia. Take appropriate measures to prevent these serious conditions.

12. Dress appropriately for the weather, paying attention to changing conditions. (Heat, humidity, cold, wind, rain, snow, sleet…). Technical fabrics designed to wick away moisture also help to keep a person cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

13. Carry water or other electrolyte beverage to ensure adequate hydration

14. Consider using a small pack to carry necessary safety supplies but don’t burden yourself by carrying more than necessary for the type and length of outing you are taking.

15. Wear a hat with a brim on sunny hot days and a stocking cap to keep the heat in on cold days.

16. Seamless socks made of wicking fabric go far in preventing blisters.

17. Wear Yaktrax or a similar traction device over your shoes or boots to prevent falling when walking in snowy or icy conditions.

18. Wear properly fitting footwear specific for your needs and the type of terrain that you will be walking. Consider seeing a certified pedorthist to help you find a properly fitting shoe that is not only the appropriate length and width but also factors in other specific anatomy needs and your specific gait. This simple step can prevent numerous injuries. It is also important to replace your shoes when needed. Trail Shoes are a great choice for non-paved surfaces.

19. Pay attention to warning signs and signals of when to stop exercising: - Shortness of breath or overdue fatigue - Chest Pain, arm pain or other symptoms of angina - Lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea or other symptoms of illness - Injury

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