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Night Visibility for Safety

There is danger in the dark - the biggest being vehicles that don't expect you or can't see you. Drivers cannot easily see you through fogged windows and poor weather, and their night vision dims as they age. When wearing a dark jacket and dark pants, you are as invisible  during your early morning or evening walks in the winter darkness. And what driver thinks anybody insane enough to walk in winter? We need to walk defensively and take pains to be visible. NOTE: Always stay on the left hand shoulder of the road!

Reflections on reflectivity: Wearing reflective clothing is a good defense against invisibility, but you need to be sure that the reflective areas are large enough and and are exposed from every angle. Do oncoming cars see you, but not those at side streets? Will that little reflective logo on your shirt be enough - especially if you hide it under a jacket?

Reflective illuminite jacketsPictured: illumiNITE jacket with the camera flash.

Reflective Shoes: Most Running Shoes now have reflective stripes and many tout their "360 degree reflective" features. If your walking shoes don't have such features, consider a pair of reflective shoelaces or put some reflective tape on your shoes.

Reflective Outerwear: In winter, wearing an extra vest or a reflective jacket can also help keep you warm. Revel Sports has IllumiNITE jackets, vests, windbreakers. and shirts.  

Reflective  Hats: A reflective hat not only adds to your visibility its brim also helps to block the high beam of on coming cars.

All Condition Visibility by illumiNITE

The chameleon thrives and survives by adapting to its environment. Like the chameleon, illumiNITE® adapts to maintain body comfort and at the same time transforms your body profile to enhance personal visibility. The total package is what we call illumiNITE® ACV, All Condition Visibility. Spanning all temperatures, seasons and conditions, illumiNITE® ACV is about head-to-toe body layering, featuring the latest fabrics for ultimate body comfort.

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About the Author
Perry Dau is the owner of
Revel Sports, a specialty, on-line running store. Perry has been a runner and "silent sports" enthusiast for nearly 30 years.

Perry Dau can be reached at: perry[at]

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