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Men's 1" Inseam

Elite Full Split Leg Running Short Style 1000P

US Flag Running Shorts

Full Split Running ShortsBOA Split Leg Running ShortsBOA Split Leg Running ShortsBOA Split Leg Running ShortsBOA Men's elite Split Running Shorts

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Be a Flash of Speed in these Fun Shorts.

B.O.A. ~ Built On Athletics ~ Made in the USA!Made in the USA

Call these "Old School" or "Retro" but they scream "SPEED"  Our most popular running shorts!

Some may call these outrageous but these shorts will set you apart from the average.

  • Shell - 100% PolyMicro Microfiber Polyester, Lining - 100% Coolmax Crepe
  • Ultra Lightweight Shell fabric for this run short will not only keep you dry but will keep you comfortable during your hardest runs
  • Split to Waistband - The full split in the short allows for complete freedom in your stride
  • 1" Inseam
  • Moisture Wicking, Quick Drying
  • Drawstring
  • Key Pocket

The hand and drape of B.O.A'.s Micro Soft fabric make it the fabric of choice for running shorts. The polyester fibers that make up this fabric are three times finer than silk. These superfine fibers offer quick drying properties and are highly breathable.

Micro SoftMicro Soft

This ultra light micro-denier polyester is three times finer than silk allowing these super fine breathable fibers to wick moisture from the skin and instantly evaporate. The beautiful, uncommon drape of our Micro Soft fabric create a superior fit, enhanced functional movement and the best running short available.

Coolmax Alta CrepeCoolMax Alta Crepe 

This lightweight short liner provides increased support and supple hand, alleviating chaffing. The hydrophilic micro fibers of our short liner instantly remove moisture from crucial areas keeping them dry. The crepe construction reduces points of contact on your skin sustaining airflow and over all comfort.


  • Fabric that dries 5 times faster that cotton
  • Year-round comfort and breathability
  • Long-lasting good looks, wash after wash

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Built on Athletics Running Apparel

Have you ever sat down and thought about what should go into your running apparel? At B.O.A. that's all they do. Hours of thought, trial and error, and close scrutiny go into their lines before they release it to the public so you receive the most cutting edge technology available. Whether it be their cuts, fabrications, or special features, they are confident that no amount of searching will reveal a better product.

What styles are in fashion?

Popular culture has a profound influence on the design and retail industry, even in running apparel. During the ’70s and ’80s running shorts were very short and form fitting. As hip-hop culture began to gain influence, it dictated looser, more voluminous street clothes. Even suburbanites began to embrace this fashion, athletic apparel was not far behind. First basketball shorts began to expand in length and width. Running clothes took a longer time, but have definitely followed suit. It has held that the younger runners and the recreational runners tend to buy the more fashion-forward apparel. Elite runners on the other hand have continued to run in shorter shorts. Today's fabrics are more technical, brigther in color, and bolder in patterns. While fashion and trends push the market, the full split short, much loved by older runners but lately difficult to find, is making a comeback. Fashion can only dictate form to a point, and then function reigns. The trend during past few years has been toward longer and baggier shorts. Runners are realizing that running in long shorts is not easy or comfortable, so the trend is beginning to swing back toward more traditional, ‘shorter’ shorts. In monitoring discussion Boards of high School and College runners there has been a lot of talk regarding 'short' shorts. Bottom line is that both gals and guys are thinking that they are 'hot' as long as the body fits the shorts.

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