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Woman's B.O.A DriTek Sensor Bra Tops

BTD05P - DriTek Sensor Running bras Top

DriTek Sensor bras TopClick Here for Pricing and to PurchaseFree Shipping Within USA


Printed Running Shimmel

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SCAL01 - Southern Cal Tank

SCAL01 - Southern Cal TankClick Here for Pricing and to PurchaseFree Shipping Within USA

BOA Women's Size Chart

Fitting Issues
To find the perfect sports bras for you, consider these tips: Pick function over fashion.

If you want a fashionable sports bras that you can wear without a shirt, go ahead and select pretty colors and flattering styles. But remember, support should come first.

Plan your escape.

No matter how comfortable a sports bras feels and how well it fits and supports, if it's too hard to get on and off, you're not going to like it. If it doesn't have a front or back closure, step into your bras and pull it up. To take it off, pull it down over your hips.

Look for "technical" fabrics and smooth seams.
A good sports bras wicks moisture from your skin. Breathable synthetic fabrics such as polyester, CoolMax, DriTek, and Lycra work much better than cotton. Also, check for smooth, flat seams that don't rub your skin raw. Sports bras fall into two categories: encapsulation bras that isolate each breast in a distinct cup, and compression bras that hold your breasts against your chest. Tests have shown that encapsulation bras offer more support for well-endowed women than do compression bras. Most bras experts steer larger-breasted women toward encapsulated bras, but everyone's different, and some women swear by the compression style.

Measuring Up
According to bras experts, a staggering 70 percent of women don't wear the correct bras size. One reason: Your breasts can grow, shrink, or change shape as you age. Another reason: Your rib cage expands 10 to 15 percent more across the back than the front during breathing.

Here's how to determine your correct size, using the Intimate Apparel Industry Standard: Measure your chest. While wearing a regular bra, measure your ribcage under your breasts, holding the tape measure snugly. Then add 5 inches to this number. This is your chest dimension. If the total is an odd number, like 37, round up to the next even number, or 38. Find your cup size. Holding the tape measure gently, measure around your back and across your breasts at their fullest point. Then subtract your chest dimension from this new measurement.

  • If the difference is 1 inch, you have an A cup.
  • If the difference is 2 inches, you have a B cup.
  • If the difference is 3 inches, you have a C cup.
  • If the difference is 4 inches, you have a D cup.
  • If the difference is 5 inches, you have a DD cup.

Note: Some companies measure cup size differently.

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