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Fabric examples below...

BOA runnugn clothing DriTek Sensor

DriTek Sensor is a base to mid-layer, micro polyester knit combined with Lycra. This technical fabric moves moisture by capillary action away from the skin to the outer surface where it quickly evaporates. The Lycra content ensures an anatomical fit, freedom of movement and excellent support and compression. DriTek Sensor has beautiful drape and luxurious hand due to its fine silk like denier. SBD01B - Dritek Sensor Shimmel

BOA driTek Waffle BOA running apparel DriTek Waffle

DriTek Waffle is a lightweight fabric made from filament polyester fibers. The hydrophobic polyester transports moisture away from the skin to the unique breathable waffle exterior displacing the perspiration over a larger surface area facilitate rapid evaporation. The refined hand and gentle stretch is sumptuous against the skin and the low profile stitch is resistant to snagging. 2116X - Men's Dritek Waffle Running / Muscle T

BOA micro soft fabric BOA running shorts Micro Soft

This ultra light micro-denier polyester is three times finer than silk allowing these super fine breathable fibers to wick moisture from the skin and instantly evaporate. The beautiful, uncommon drape of our Micro Soft fabric create a superior fit, enhanced functional movement and the best running short available. 1100P - Men's 2-1/2" V-Notch Running Short

CoolMax Coolmax Alta Crepe

This lightweight short liner provides increased support and supple hand, alleviating chaffing. The hydrophilic micro fibers of our short liner instantly remove moisture from crucial areas keeping them dry. The crepe construction reduces points of contact on your skin sustaining airflow and over all comfort. 1-1/2" Split Trainer W/ Contrast Running Short - Woman's   Running Short


Coolmax� is the industry leader when it comes to moisture management, and many customers rely on Coolmax� for their activewear needs. Considering consumers require different levels of comfort for specific activities, we have developed a new classification system for Coolmax� which consists of three distinct levels of performance. Whatever the activity, Coolmax� now has you covered.

Coolmax� is the original performance fabric that's been helping top athletes push harder and longer but is now being discovered for the cool comfort it brings to everyday apparel.

Coolmax� has proven physiological benefits that, depending on your needs, can be applied to or found in a whole new range of clothing styles - from moderate and high-intensity performance apparel to everyday casual wear.

So consumers get the level of performance they need to stay cool and comfortable in any situation.

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