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We have discontinued the Exerstrider Nordic Walking Poles

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 LEKI Nordic Walking Poles & Trekking Poles

Replacement Exerstrider CushionGrip Rubber Tips

Replacement CushionGrip™ Rubber tipsReplacement CushionGrip Rubber tips -- Our exclusive CushionGrip rubber tips flex on contact for to provide the softest landing, and the unique design and tread pattern provides excellent gripping capability on any paved or stable natural surface. Long wearing. Fits securely on all models ofExerstrider Rubber Boot for Nordic Walking Poles Exerstrider poles.





Bell-shaped Rubber "Balance" tipsBell-shaped Rubber "Balance" tips -- The Exerstrider bell-shaped tips can be used to replace the standard CushionGrip rubber tips and will friction fit on the end of the carbide-tipped ferrule just like the standard issue tips. This Bell-shaped Balance tip provides maximum stability when balance is a primary concern of the user and they must be purchased as an accessory separately (since all Exerstrider models come equipped with the
CushionGrip rubber tips as standard).



Exerstrider Hiking, trekking rubber tip


Hiking, Trekking Tips (HTT)   These Hiking, Trekking Tips (HTT) are designed to meet the unique comfort and traction challenges that can be encountered when using the Exerstrider poles on loose dirt and gravel, bark chips, damp leaves, pine needles and hills with loose dry or wet dirt. Keep a pair with you if you plan to be trekking in the woods or walking in the dog park or on country paths with uneven or loose/unstable surface conditions.



Exerstrider Nordic Walking Studies

AAHPERD------Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Acute Responses to Using Walking Poles in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease
Article published in:
Article published in:
Cardiovascular Training Effect Associated With Polestriding Exercise in Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease
Effects of walking poles on lower extremity
Exerstrider Accessories, Rubber Tips for Nordic Walking Poles FREE SHIPPING
Exerstrider Walking Poles are Discontinued, See our LEKI Poles
Metabolic Responses Associated with
PoleStriding Exercise and Vitamin E for Management of Peripheral Vascular Disease
Revel Sports LEKI Nordic Walking: Information, Technique, and Gear

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LEKI Nordic Walking Poles LEKI Nordic Walking & Trekking Poles  (aka Walking Sticks)

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