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inov-8 Trail Running Shoes Inov-8 Trail Running Shoes

Inov TrailRoc 245

TrailRoc 245

The INOV8 Trailroc 245 Trail Running Shoe features the ever-popular Trailroc outsole. This 245g model provides a light shoe underfoot for increased speed and flexibility but still maintains a natural, form-fitting shoe. These offer a 3mm drop with slightly less cushioning than the Trailroc 245 keeping you closer to the ground.

Inov-8 Trail Running Shoes from

The human body is a masterpiece of mechanical and structural design. Running barefoot is associated with a very low rate of injury. That's why when the company launched in 2003, we made it our mission to design products around the natural function of the human body.
The result: breathable, flexible, lightweight footwear with an intimate fit and precision that's almost like running barefoot. The variety of styles offer grip designed to meet every off-road activity and terrain imaginable. In addition, all gear is embedded with technical features created to compliment the anatomical design of the body.
As we inov-8, it is and always will be our philosophy to look to the human body for guidance and inspiration.

Guide to Trail Running:
Trail running requires a better sense of running technique than running on the roads. Try to stay light on your feet as if you are running over eggshells.   

Relaxing your body improves form and technique more than anything. Foot placement starts to come naturally with practice.

Resist the tendency to favor one leg when jumping, landing or pushing off of things, taking sharp turns etc.

On down hills: run more on the balls of your feet, slightly leaning forward. Running on your heels promotes a "braking" action which fatigues your muscles. Secondly, don't overstride.  Let your feet touch down under you, not way out in front. Keep your arms slightly outward (like you have wings) and across the body for balance, and use gravity to your advantage.

On up hills: shorten your stride for lower cadence and keep your head up and shoulders back. Put your chest forward and use your arms in a straight forward and back pumping motion. Concentrate on good form and lifting your knees. Be positive and embrace the climb. Running uphill is easier on the body with lower impact. Short up hills are more about power and more arm action while longer uphills are more about being efficient and finding a rhythm.


Based in "England’s last Wilderness" , the North Pennines, Inov8 is a British company that’s passionate about the specialist off-road running products we make.


We're committed to providing you with functional, lightweight products that will enhance your performance and enjoyment. If we cannot innovate we don't do it.  All of our products are extensively tested by enthusiasts and elite international athletes to guarantee they perform like we say.


Our whole design development process centers on optimizing the end user's performance.  The uppers are extremely functional with mesh in the forepart and tongues for maximum breathability.  This creates a food climate that helps you run at your best.  When you run through water and the shoe gets soaked, it creates a pumping action that expels the water from the shoe allowing it to dry quickly.  The lace webbing is positioned allowing a secure foothold without altering the natural alignment of the metatarsals.  The back of our shoes are cleanly cut which allows your Achilles tendon to experience high levels of comfort and minimum restriction- particularly when running down hill.


The team is made up of experts with proven track records in the footwear fields of Sports, Mountaineering, Marine, Outdoor and Industrial design, development.  This linked with a strong bio-mechanics input, coupled with a test team of elite athletes in the Mountain Sports environment gives inov8 the creative culture for next generation products.

Inov-8, the environment and climate change

The environment matters to Inov-8. We recognize that in order to be a successful business, we have to be realistic in the steps that we take to make the best Running Shoes in the world. But that doesn't stop us finding practical and creative solutions to environmental protection issues wherever we can.

Our first priority is to understand where we should focus our attention so the environmental impact of our products is as low as possible. We then find practical and creative solutions in our search for improvements, especially in those areas that we feel matter most.

Our approach takes a lot of effort and incurs a financial cost, but, more often than not, we have found that having concern for the environment leads us to smarter ways of working that actually save money while reducing our environmental impact.

Footwear Philosophy

Running bare foot is associated with a substantially lower prevalence of acute and chronic injuries to the ankle and lower limbs, so, the Inov-8 team designs all our footwear range to allow the foot the freedom to move and function as nature intended, without interference from the structure of the shoe. inov-8 shoes protect the foot from the harsh external environment experienced by the off road runner but maintain the feeling and function of bare foot running. inov-8 believes that foot function has evolved over millennia to provide a stable platform on which the runner can perform. It is, and always will be our philosophy to look to the natural function of the foot for inspiration and guidance whenever we design footwear for the high performance athlete or the recreational runner.

The Inov-8 design philosophy is to design footwear around the natural function of the foot. When the Inov-8 design team began work on the range of inov-8 shoes, we asked ourselves two simple questions, “How does the foot mechanically behave when mountain, hill and fell runners are crossing a variety of different terrains?" and "How can we incorporate the natural biomechanical function and motion of the foot within the design of the inov-8 range of shoes?". The inov-8 range of off road shoes follows the precision shape of the foot providing the wearer with a secure and intimate fit that is almost like running bare foot.

We at Inov-8 believe the human foot to be a masterpiece of mechanical and structural design, so when the inov-8 team began work on a range of ultimate off road running footwear, we looked to the human foot for guidance and inspiration. With 26 bones and multidirectional joint systems, the human foot is perfectly adapted to accommodate variations in ground orientation and when activity demands, change its mechanical characteristics from a flexible adaptive platform to a rigid propulsive lever

The mission of Revel Sports is to celebrate the spirit of participation by providing fun, technical clothing, quality accessories and gifts for athletes everywhere.


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