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LEKI Nordic Walking & Trekking Poles

(aka LEKI Nordic Walking PolesWalking Sticks)

LEKI Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking began as a summer training exercise for serious "cross country" skiers. Fitness walkers in Europe adopted Nordic Walking as a time-efficient, low-stress, total body workout. Today, approximately 500,000 people in Finland enjoy Nordic Walking regularly, and it is spreading in popularity throughout Scandinavia and now the USA. Nordic Walking popularity is growing across the United States.

LEKI Trail Racing Poles

LEKI Micro Trail Vario (115-130cm) Micro Trail Vario (110-130cm)

LEKI Nordic Walking Poles

LEKI  Instructor Nordic Walking Poles Carbon Vario Instructor

LEKI Carbon Traveler Nordic Walking Poles Carbon or Alum Traveler

LEKI Spin Shark SL Nordic Walking Poles Spin

 LEKI X-Small Walking PolesLeki Walker X-Small Speedlock Walking Poles


LEKI Trekking Poles


LEKI Wanderfreund Antishock | DSS Walking CaneWanderfreund

Comparisons of Nordic Walking and Trekking poles

LEKI Accessories

LEKI Nordic Walking Fingerless GlovesGloves

LEKI Baag Travel Bag

LEKI Nordic Walking Hip Pack Nordic Walking Hip Pack

Fitness rubber tip for all LEKI Nordic Walking poles
Fitness Walking Tips (pair)  This larger and heavier rubber tip is for  LEKI Nordic Walking poles. Sold in pairs  8-815-900

LEKI Studded Tip
Fitness Studded Traction Tips (pair)
Extra grip specifically designed for fitness Nordic walking or aerobic activity on pavement.


Rubber Tip Trekking - For all LEKI trekking poles. Rubber tips are for pavement, indoor, boardwalk use or similar onlyTrekking Rubber Tips (pair) 
 These tips are for trekking pole use on pavement, indoor, boardwalk or similar surfaces. They are not recommended for trails as they may suction off in soft ground or in cracks. sold in pairs.

LEKI traction tip
Fitness Traction Tips (pair)
is specifically designed for fitness or Nordic walking and other aerobic activity taking place indoors or on pavement


LEKI flex tip Universal FlexTips (pair) The flexible tip can flex up to 30 degrees, without damaging the pole shafts.  The use of carbide provides optimal grip on rock and ice surfaces. Sold in pairs. 


LEKI Performance Basket Performance Baskets (pair) Designed to keep your poles from sinking into soft ground. Sold in pairs. 8-565-003

LEKI Snow Basket Snowflake Baskets (pair)

This basket is larger than the Performance Basket and is threaded onto the carbide flextip for use in snow.


Nordic Walking is for YOU! Nordic Walking is for YOU! Real people. Real stories.

On your 5 minutes! On your 5 minutes! Nate will get you up and walking in this short tutorial video.

Tips & Tricks From A Pro

Tips & Tricks From A Pro Stretching and warm-up is important. Nate Goldberg will walk you through some great starting exercises. Created by Jim Symack, a personal trainer from Buffalo, NY.

Take the next step.

LEKI Nordic Walking Poles are slightly modified versions of our world-famous trekking poles. All poles feature a narrow profile "cross country"-style grip with the Adjustable/Releasable Trigger Strap. Shafts are composed of expedition-grade aluminum. All poles feature Carbide Tips, removable Rubber Fitness Walking Tips and Baskets.LEKI EasylockLEKI Super Lock System
LEKI Nordic Walking Poles allow you to adjust the length of the poles to your height and walking surface. The Super Lock System provides optimum locking with less tightening torque than most adjustable poles. This is the strongest system in the world, with 360 degree reverse turn security and 140kg holding force. It was tested and endorsed by TUV, the official technical test center in Germany.

LEKI triggerLEKI Adjustable / Releasable Trigger Strap
LEKI�s Adjustable/Releasable Trigger Strap offers superior wrist support and the convenience of a releasable system. You can easily click in and out of the grip to grab your water bottle or slip on a jacket and do warm-up/cool-down exercises.

LEKI Rubber TipsLEKI Rubber Fitness Tips
Designed to grip pavement and deliver added support and stability, the LEKI Rubber Fitness Tips should always face towards the back, behind you. This position allows you to �push off� more efficiently, increasing your upper body workout. Remove the Rubber Fitness Tips to expose the Carbide Flextips if you Nordic Walk on gravel or slick surfaces.

Turn your walk into a total-body workout.

Your interest in LEKI Nordic Walking Poles will pay a handsome dividend in personal wellness. You'll walk away from mental stress while reducing pressure on your joints. Plus, you will be burning more calories and enhancing the cardio aspects of your workout, without walking faster or longer.

Live to walk. Walk to live.


  • Burn up to 40% more calories during your walk
  • Pump up your cardio by increasing oxygen consumption up to 25%
  • Reduce stress to your knees and lower joints
  • Reduce heel strike force by up to 26%
  • Strengthen your upper body and create resistance to build better bone density
  • Distance and intensity can be adapted to weather, terrain, and physical condition of the individual


Nordic Walking vs. Trekking: Poles & Technique Comparisons

Healing Hearts Group Tries Out Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking Poles Instructor | Traveler | Carbon Traveler

Trekking Poles  Wanderfreund | Spin

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