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Oxysox are the best in compression socks to enhance athletes' explosive power and endurance. Oxysox by Twin City Knitting TCK


Oxysox Compression SocksCoolmax Oxysox support socks Black Over the Calf

Oxysox Over Calf Compression Socks White or Black

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Oxysox Compression Socks provide improved circulation and reduced muscle fatigue that translates into better performance.

Oxysox with excellent wicking, reciprocated heel, and balloon toe. Transfers moisture from skin to the outside. Stays in place all day. Graduated compression helps shape up legs. Ideal for football, soccer, inline skating, basketball and hockey. Can be used as a liner sock or by itself in skates. Double welt top offers comfortable non-slip fit. Lycra support for foot, ankle and calf. Arch and foot compression adds support and reduced blistering. Breathable mesh instep. Cushioned heel and foot for reduced impact.

Graduated Compression: 12-15 mmHg in the ankle tapering to 9-12 mmHg over the calf.

Patented Oxysox stimulate circulation in the foot and ankle with graduated compression that tapers off as the sock extends up the leg; ergonomic sole cushioning provides added comfort and protection.

Use them during training or competition but especially good during recovery.


  • Medium (OXY8) = Men's shoe 6-9 Woman's shoe 7-10.
  • Large(OXY10) = Men's shoe 9-12 Woman's shoe 11-12.
  • X-Large(OXY13) = Men's shoe 13-15.)


  • Patented graduated compression (12-15 mmHg in the ankle tapering off to 9-12 mmHg over the calf) translates into: higher VO2 max, faster recovery, less fatigue, and protection against cramps
  • Increases blood flow from lower extremities
  • Heel/Toe construction
  • Double welt top for comfort and fit
  • Ergonomic cushioning provides impact absorbency
  • Mesh instep aids in breathability
  • Foot compression reduces fatigue and aids circulation
  • Infused Alphsan antimicrobials control bacteria and odor
  • Inherently lightweight and breathable polypropylene equals superior moisture management
  • Uniquely engineered fiber content enhances performance without compromising resilience
  • Smooth toe seams adds comfort

Sock Contents:

  • 46% Polypropylene
  • 38% Coolmax Cordura
  • 12% Nylon
  • 4% Lycra Spandex
Read Reviews
Alps Oxysox Reviews
Flipper Alps 10/7/2010

Used them while hiking in Alps. I have venous statis and my feet never looked better. excellent product

Amazing! Oxysox Reviews
Dawn New York 12/31/2008

My trainer recommended these after I developed a calf problem - they've made a big difference in my ability to train for long periods. I'm buying two more pairs so I always have a fresh pair for runs.

AMAZING Oxysox Reviews
Colorado Karah 12/30/2008

The first pair I ordered are AMAZING! Cannot believe how much faster I recovered from my long run in these, and am back for a second pair to rotate.

Use them for Triathlons, Running, Nordic Walking, Cycling, Golfing, Travel, ...

What Oxysox Do:

Improved circulation and reduced muscle fatigue always translate into better performance. Oxysox, by covering the entire calf, are designed to stimulate circulation in the lower leg and decrease muscle fatigue by providing graduated compression and support. Whether you are a world-class athlete, a weekend warrior, or into occasional exercise, Oxysox's performance-enhancing patented technology offers real advantages:

  • Graduated compression reduces leg fatigue
  • Snug tapered fit provides stability to injury-prone areas
  • Durable construction lasting 3-4 times longer than standard socks
  • Superior moisture management
  • Ergonomic cushioned pads absorb shock
  • Compression technology reduces blisters

How Oxysox Work:

The answer is simple. Oxysox apply graduated pressure to the lower extremities, beginning at the foot and tapering off at the calf muscle. This allows blood to circulate more efficiently without hampering its return through the heart and lungs. What ultimately results is a quicker delivery of oxygenated blood to the legs and feet, thereby reducing muscle fatigue and enhancing performance. The snug tapered support of Oxysox also limits wasted motion of the muscles, keeping them compact. This protects against injury, fatigue, and discomfort. Only Oxysox can provide the firm, graduated support you need to augment your workout or improve your game.


Revel Sports owner, Perry Dau wearing his Oxysox in the 2005 Chicago Marathon. Revel Sports owner, Perry Dau wearing his Oxysox in the 2005 Chicago Marathon.

Evaluation: Similar to the socks that Paula RadcliffePaula Radclif Oxysox wore when she set the Woman's world marathon record last year, Oxysox work like support hose by using compression to improve circulation. Some wear-testers said this made their legs stay fresher on long runs. The sock feels like a supportive ace bandage around the arch, ankle, and calf. Also comes in anklet and over-calf lengths (the type Radcliffe wears).

Runner goes Nowhere in World Record Time

Arlington, VA --Did you ever witness dozens of people running in place, going nowhere (hamster like) at a health club? Can you imagine 26.2 miles on a treadmill, let alone running at a 5:15 minute mile pace?
New World Treadmill Marathon Record: Thirty year old Michael Wardian ran a 2:23:58, breaking the old record set by Josh Cox in April 2004 by about 7 minutes.

Wardian's 40th marathon effort will land him in the "The Book of Alternative Records. The only speed bump Wardian hit was when the treadmill reached 60 minutes and suddenly stopped. "It was like someone pulled the plug on an electric car, he said. Fortunately, he quickly got it moving again. athlete trying on Oxysox

The World Record run was the pinnacle of Michael's best year. He competed in the 2004 Olympic Marathon trials, five additional marathons (finished top twenty at Boston), and a 100 km "ultra. Michael attributes some of his success to wearing the "funky graduated pressure socks (pictured) called Oxysox, claiming they give him support and speed up recovery. Michael also set a personal record (PR) in the 10 km. "I attribute my PR to the increased blood flow Oxysox provides. He swears by these graduated pressure socks; "Meb's wearing them now too, referring to Meb Keflezighi Olympian & US 10 km record holder.

A medical study conducted by (A. Ali, B.G. Snow & M.P. Caine 2003), tested 14 runners in a fast 10 km pace and found runners wearing graduated pressure socks:

Ran 1% faster despite being paced.
Had lower pulse rates (2-3 BPM).
Jumped higher post-exercise.
Recovered faster with 60% less post-exercise muscle soreness.

Wardian set his pace aggressively and ran "negative splits, meaning the last 13 miles were run at a faster pace than the first 13. "It was more difficult on the machine because I always knew exactly how far I'd gone I couldn't trick my mind like in other races.

Looking forward, Michael has his eyes set on another Boston marathon this spring.

Many Professional Athletes are wearing G-FIT Oxysox (Basketball Player Jerome Williams, Football Player Scott Kowalkowski, Golfer Dan Pohl to name a few).

Four pro football teams are enthusiastically wearing G-FIT. Scott Kowalkski, pro linebacker, has been wearing Oxysox. When asked about the benefits of the Oxysox this is what he had to say:

"Never have I used any equipment that immediately gave me the feeling of increased power like G-FIT"...

"I feel that my endurance is increased, my legs feel lighter and I can do more."

..."they gave me such great support around my ankles that I've asked the trainer to use less tape..."

"I plan on using the crew length model for all of my off-the-field conditioning this spring"!

"Oh yeah, they are skin tight around the foot which translates into a total transfer of energy and I feel more sure-footed when I'm cutting."

Made in the USAAbout Oxysox

Oxysox G Fit Technology

Oxysox are the latest in equipment to enhance athletes' explosive power and endurance.

Oxysox"Official Performance Sock of the NHL"

Dr. Graham Kelly, a vascular specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience, has created G Fit technology to meet the unique demands of athletes. Oxysox are the latest in equipment to enhance athletes' explosive power and endurance. Unlike normal socks or liners, Oxysox are customized to leg length and calf size to ensure optimal performance.


Improved circulation and reduced muscle fatigue can translate into better performance. Testing has indicated the following benefits:

  • Reduced leg fatigue/pain post exercise
  • Better stability for injury prone areas
  • Increased calf muscle pump efficiency
  • Elevated aerobic capacity (VO 2 max)
  • Reduced Blistering
  • Durability, outlasting standard socks 3-4 times longer
  • Superior wicking through 75% CoolMax content

By covering the entire calf, Oxysox are designed to stimulate circulation in the muscles, helping to provide support and enhance stamina of athletes. It is the only sock with the patented technology to give you enhanced performance. These benefits apply to the world class professional athlete or the 65 year old weekend warrior. So whether you are hard at work or hard at play, Oxysox offer real advantages.


How Oxysox work

How does it work? Simple. Oxysox apply graduated pressure to the lower extremities, starting at the foot and tapering off at the calf. This allows blood to return more rapidly to the heart and lungs. The result is improved circulation and a quicker return of oxygenated blood to the legs. What you get it enhanced athletic performance. Oxysox also limit wasted muscle motion and keep muscles compact, reducing fatigue and allowing for quicker recovery. This firm, graduated support creates performance advantages that only Oxysox can provide.


Oxysox offers significant support to the Achilles tendon, calf, tibia and ankle. This enhances the ability to reduce common foot and ankle injuries and provide support to those already injured. Designed for running, cycling, cross country skiing, triathlons, hockey training, and more. Also great fro airline travel!

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