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New Fitness Socks Improve Performance, Aid in Recovery and Help Set a Marathon World Record!

TROY, Mich., Jan. 24 -- Performance-enhancing pressure socks lead to faster exercise recovery and reduced muscle soreness in athletes at all levels of competition, according to recent research.

Oxysox, designed by vascular specialist Dr. Graham Kelly, created these "oxygenating socks" to meet the demands of athletes. Oxysox are the "Official Performance Sock of the NHL" and have availability through https://www.revelsports.com

"Oxysox create a more efficient circulatory system and can enhance athletic performance," says Dr. Kelly. "Their unique pressure design limits wasted muscle motion, lessens fatigue and aids recovery."

Oxysox improve circulation by bringing more oxygen to the legs. Research has demonstrated that the graduated pressure found in Oxysox:

- Elevates aerobic capacity (VO 2 max)

- Lowers heart rate

- Reduces leg fatigue/pain post exercise

- Stabilizes the foot and ankle where most injuries occur

- Reduces standing fatigue on the job

- Increases calf muscle pump efficiency

Runners especially tout the competitive advantage from wearing these unique socks. One Oxysox runner, Michael Wardian, recently set the world record for a "treadmill marathon." Wardian states, "I noticed a substantial decrease in muscle soreness during and after runs and I attribute my 10 km personal record (PR) to the increased blood flow Oxysox provide."

Test marketing has produced impressive results "Professional and amateur athletes alike have endorsed Oxysox benefits." Kennis further states that professional basketball player, Jerome Williams, ordered another two-dozen to keep himself "Oxygenated" throughout the season.

A medical study conducted by A. Ali, B.G. Snow & M.P. Caine, 2003, tested 14 runners in a fast 10 km pace and found runners wearing graduated pressure socks:

Ran 1% faster despite being paced.

Had lower pulse rates (2-3 BPM).

Jumped higher post-exercise.

Recovered faster with 60% less post-exercise muscle soreness.

Oxysox aren't limited to athletic use; a Dutch research team has proven their benefits for occupations requiring prolonged standing positions. Lower leg swelling and aching was reduced more by pressure socks than use of special cushioned rubber mats.

Oxysox outlast normal cotton socks because of the tightly woven medical grade quality and synthetic materials. Extensive use of Coolmax(R) provides exceptional wicking. Oxysox are top-quality and technically difficult to manufacture, so expect to pay more (around $20 a pair).

Company Information:
Name: Oxysox
Address: 100 W. BIG BEAVER ROAD, SUITE 200
City: TROY
State: MI
ZIP: 48084
Country: USA

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