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Sugoi Ironman RS Tri Tank

14 inch front locking zip stabilizes tab from bouncing.

•Full back in Vector Stretch
•Higher front neckline to reduce drag in the water
•Full graphic sublimated body
•Detailed with flat lock stitching
•14 inch front locking zip stabilizes tab from bouncing
•2 elasticized back pockets slanted at the sides for easy entry

FABRIC: Ultra Aero
FABRIC: Vector Stretch
COLORS: Sublimated Ironman

Sugoi Ironman RS Tri Tank 20657U.911

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Sugoi makes garments in several distinct fits to suit nearly every type of body.
A series of icons that you will see throughout this site has been developed to describe the general fit shape of each garment from fully fitted to relaxed. Along with deciding which of these fit shapes best suits your needs, it is important to read and understand the approximate measurements that we use to establish our sizes and the accuracy we strive to achieve from size to size.

Sugoi Woman's
 size chart

Sugoi was among the very first companies to recognize that recreational athletes want and need high performance clothing just much as do pros. Thus, while Sugoi has a complete line of sleek and form-fitting race apparel Running, Triathlon and Cross Country Skiing, this technology is also used to make outstanding apparel that fits and flatters the recreational athlete.

20657U.911 Ironman RS Tri Tank

•Dos entièrement en Vector Stretch
•Encolure élevée
•Compétemment sublimé
•Coutures plates
•Glissière à loquet au devant
•Fermeture éclaire de 35cm
•2 poches en Mesh extensible à l'arrière
TISSU: Ultra Aero TISSU: Vector Stretch TAILLES: XS-2XL COULEURS: Sublimated
20657U.911 Ironman RS Tri Tank

•Rückenteil komplett aus Vector Stretch
•Höher gezogener Vorderausschnitt, um das Wasserschöpfen zu reduzieren
•Komplett bedruckt - Design wohin das Auge reicht
•Front-RV mit fixierbarem Sicherheitsverschluss
•35 cm langer RV
•2 elastische Mesh Rückentaschen
GEWEBE: Ultra Aero GEWEBE: Vector Stretch GROSSEN: XS-2XL FARBE: Sublimated
21607U.911 Ironman RS Tri Short

•Découpe latérale sublimée pour souligner le vêtement
•Coutures plates
•Pochette intérieure à la taille
•Entrejambe de 7 pouces et demi
•Le Chamois TriFlo a un espace mesh non-laminé qui respire pour un confort exceptionnel
•Élastique grippant à la jambe
•Taille élastique avec cordon plat
21607U.911 Ironman RS Tri Short

•Bedruckte Seitenteile betonen den einfarbigen Vorder- und Rückenteil
•Schlüsseltasche am Bund innen
•Beinlänge innen 19 cm
•Die TriFlo Sitzeinlage zeichnet sich durch eine nicht laminierte Spacer Mesh Füllung aus. Dieses Luftkissen bietet ausgezeichneten Komfort und Atmungsaktivität
•Rutschfeste Beinabschlüsse mit Logo
•Flacher Kordelzug
GEWEBE: Ultra Aero GROSSEN: XS-2XL EINSATZ: TriFlo FARBE: Sublimated
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The word Sugoi is Japanese for "incredible", and the legions of Sugoi users across the world are in unanimous agreement that Sugoi's products, Sugoi's service and Sugoi's people live up to that billing.