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Sugoi Triathlon Apparel.

Sugoi ApparelSugoi Performance Apparel

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Woman's Ironman Collection

Sugoi Ironman
RS Cycle Short

Sugoi Ironman RS Tri Short
RS Tri Short


Men's Ironman Collection

Sugoi Ironman RS Tri Tank 20657u.911
Men's RS Tri Tank
Sugoi Ironman RS Tri Short 21607U.911
RS Tri Short

Men's Triathlon and Cycling

Sugoi triathlon shorts Sugoi Evolution Tri Shorty Sugoi 19078U Piston Tri Shorts Sugoi Turbo Tri Short 16310U  
RS Triathlon Shorts Evolution Shorty Piston Tri pocket Turbo Tri Short
 Sugoi Velocity Triathlon Suit Elite performance race suit has high impact graphics and lightest, most vented fabrics for cool comfort on race day Sugoi Titan Triathlon Suit   Sugoi Turbo Suit 29996U  
Velocity Suit
Oxygen Tri Suit Titan Tri Suit SALE! Turbo Tri Suit  
Here's the perfect cure for ultimate triathlon performance - the Sugoi Irod Irod Tri Jersey SALE! Sugoi T1 Jersey
T1 Jersey
Sugoi 57513U.934.MTD
Canada Jersey
Sugoi Trident Triathlon Tank Sugoi Sonic Triathlon Tank Sugoi Titan tri Tank Sugoi Impact Tri Tank 20656U.203  
Trident Tri Tank  Sonic Tri Tank Titan tri Tank SALE! Impact Tri Tank  
Sugoi 19078U Piston Tri Shorts Sugoi Evolution Cycling Jersey Sugoi Triathlon Shorts Sale   Sugoi Triathlon  
Piston 200 Tri Pocket Evolution Jersey
Power Tri Pocket Short SALE! Turbo Tri Shorts  
Sugoi RS Flex Bib Bike Shorts Sugoi RS Bib Knickers Cycling Sugoi Pulsar cycling shorts Sugoi RS Cycling Shorts  
RS Flex Bib Shorts
RS Bib Knicker
Pulsar Short
New RS Shorts  

Woman's Triathlon and Cycling

sugoi Sugoi Fizz Tri Tank Sugoi Turbo Tri Tank    
Rhythmic Tri Tank Fizz Tri Tank Turbo Tri Tank    
sugoi sugoi Sugoi Lucky Spyn Short Sugoi T1 Triathlon Jersey Sugoi Indie Tri Tank
Rhythmic Tri Short Blast Tri Short Lucky Spyn Short T1 Jersey Indie Tri Tank
Sugoi RS Flex Bike Shorts Sugoi Piston Tri Pocket Short Sugoi Woman Triathln Gear Sugoi  Zap Bike Jacket 70717F  
RS Short Piston Tri Pocket Short Tonic Jersey SALE! Zap Bike Jacket  

Men's - Additional Men's - Additional Colors Inside

Sugoi Triathlon Sugoi C9 Cycling Gel Glove Style 91524U  Sugoi RS Bicycling Gloves Sugoi  R&R Compression Socks  
Basic S/S C9 Gel Glove RS GlovesSugoi Socks  
 Sugoi Tri Apparel  Sugoi FinoStretch Boxer Sugoi FinoStretch Wallaroo  19780U  
RS Cap FinoStretch Boxer Wallaroo Boxer    

Reflective and Weatherproof Clothing

Sugoi Zap Bike Jacket, Weather resistant protection with Zap 360 enhanced reflective visibility. Sugoi Zap Jacket Sugoi Zap Vest Sugoi Zap Jacket  
Zap Bike Jacket Zap Jacket Zap Vest New Zap Jacket  
Sugoi Jacket Sugoi Helium Jacket      
Helium Jacket      

Woman's - Additional Colors Inside

Sugoi Splash Tri Tank Sugoi RS Triathlon Shorts Sugoi Bella Triathlon Bras    
Splash Tri Tank RS Triathlon Shorts Bella Tri Bella Triathlon Bras Sugoi 10019F Soft, fine-grade, Australian wool Sugoi Zap Jacket
Fizz Bras
Many Colors!
Bridget Bra Wool Socks Zap Jacket
Sugoi Sugoi Sugoi Sugoi  
Response Jacket  Firewall GT Jacket HydroLite Firewall GT Jacket  
 Sugoi Speedster    
Wired Shirt Speedster Hoodie SALE!      
 Sugoi Wallaroo wool shirt Sugoi Wallaroo Sugoi Wool Shirt  
WallarooZ Zip Wallaroo L/S Wallaroo L/S Wallaroo L/S  
Sugoi Triathlon Spring07/16011FNC.SEL.3D.jpg    
Stamina Skirt Lucky Fit Short Blast Fit Short  
Sugoi Trail Running Short  
42K Short
Bravo Short Bravo Short Path Short  

Sugoi manufactures great looking, great fitting, and great performing apparel to elevate every part of your athletic life.

Welcome to our selection of Sugoi! The Japanese word Sugoi translates to "awesome", "great", "cool", amazing", incredible", or "wow" and is an apt description for the performance apparel that you'll see here. There's nothing quite like it anywhere! People from all over world find Sugoi apparel to be awesome, the most comfortable to be found! If you haven't yet tried Sugoi’s garments, please do so soon; we’re sure that you’ll love it.

The pronunciation of Sugoi is with a very short “suh” + hard “g” + British “oi”, only said fluidly.

About Sugoi

Clothing for running, biking, cross-country skiing, and triathlon.

The word Sugoi is Japanese for "incredible", and the legions of Sugoi users across the world are in unanimous agreement that Sugoi's products, Sugoi's service and Sugoi's people live up to that billing.

Established in 1987, Sugoi was founded with the mission of making excellent performance athletic wear for bike racers. Since then, Sugoi's product line has grown to include a full range of running, triathlon and fitness apparel, but the original quest for excellence has remained central.

From humble basement beginnings, Sugoi has rapidly grown into a leading manufacturer of high performance athletic apparel, with extensive distribution in North America, Europe and Asia. Through the growth, the original partners have remained true to their vision--every garment that carries the Sugoi name is still designed, developed and made by Sugoi's over 200 full-time employees spread across two buildings in the heart of Vancouver.
Sugoi was among the very first companies to recognize that recreational athletes want and need high performance clothing just much as do pros. Thus, while Sugoi has a complete line of sleek and form-fitting race wear for running, cycling and triathlon, this technology is also used to make outstanding apparel that fits and flatters the recreational athlete.

Sugoi has remained at the forefront of athletic clothing by continuing to design apparel that offer an unmatched combination of performance, fit and fashion. Sugoi continues to work on the cutting edge of clothing technology, with fabrics that are often proprietary and always highly functional.
Provide great performance, value and service, and always act with integrity. It is a simple formula, but it is the one that continues to be the heart and soul of Sugoi's remarkable success.


The word SUGOI is a Japanese term for "Incredible." Since 1987, Vancouver based SUGOI Performance Apparel has been working diligently to make sure that their products, people, and organization live up to that name. From humble basement beginnings, SUGOI products are now used worldwide by runners, cyclists, tri athletes and fitness enthusiasts who demand the best apparel available.

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