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Sugoi ApparelSugoi Performance Apparel

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Sugoi R&R SocksSugoi Performance Apparel

Sugoi  R&R Compression Socks SUGOI Knee high compression socks Race & Recovery R+RSUGOI Knee high compression socks Race & Recovery R+R Sugoi Knee High Sock Sugoi Knee High Sock Sugoi Knee High Sock
94977UKnee High Progressive Support Socks Click Here for Pricing and to Purchase 94985U/F Compression Socks Click Here for Pricing and to Purchase

Sugoi Tech Socks

94978U Sugoi RS 1/4 SockSugoi RS quarter socks

Oh Canada!

  Sugoi 1/4 tech sock Sugoi 1/4 tech sock

RS 1/4 SockClick Here for Pricing and to Purchase

  94959UQuarter  Click Here for Pricing and to Purchase

Sugoi Wallaroo Socks

  The warmth and amazing comfort of Wallaroo in a versatile Sock. Warm, comfortable high performance wool sock. The warmth and amazing comfort of Wallaroo in a versatile Sock. Warm, comfortable high performance wool sock.
    94993U Crew*  Click Here for Pricing and to Purchase

The warmth and amazing comfort of Wallaroo in a versatile Sock. Warm, comfortable high performance wool sock.

Sugoi Compression Socks

Women 4-7 8-10 11+
Men 5-8 9-11 12+
  • Soft, fine-grade, Australian wool
  • Temperature regulating with excellent sweat wicking and moisture transfer to help stay dry
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and itch-free
  • *Crew - Extra cushion instep for soothing comfort and a high-density sole
  • *Crew - Mesh ventilation channel to aid in thermoregulation and moisture evaporation
  • Fine toe stitching reduces pressure points to increase comfort
  • Reinforced heel and toe areas for long-lasting durability
  • Supportive arch compression to stimulate circulation and reduce foot fatigue
  • Ideal for running, bicycling, walking, cross-country skiing, or even dress.

FABRIC: Wool Wallaroo is Sugoi's super fine Australian performance wool and it's especially well adapted for high exertion activity in a wide range of temperatures and conditions. The 100% select wool fibers used in Sugoi's Wallaroo are painstakingly selected and treated for an exceptionally fine and consistent 17 micron diameter resulting in an incredibly soft next-to-skin feel while offering a dry comfortable environment thanks to it's superior breathability, temperature regulation and moisture control.

It's the 100% Australian wool construction makes this long sleeve top feel decadently comfortable next to your skin and it regulates body temperature, while also wicking like nobody's business. It is so luxurious and has almost a cashmere hand to it. Plus, this cool-weather top comes with a 6-inch invisible zipper and looks good in any conditions.

June 15, 2007 – AWI and Sugoi, a leading athletic apparel manufacturer, have teamed up to introduce the new Wallaroo line of Merino active wear and retailers across North America are clamoring to order the revolutionary new line.

This is the first time in Sugoi’s history, that the company is using natural fiber in one of its lines, having preferred high performance synthetics in the past.

For 20 years, Sugoi, a Japanese term for “incredible,” has produced the best-looking, best-performing athletic apparel for runners, cyclists, Triathletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Sugoi was among the very first companies to recognize that recreational athletes want and need high performance clothing just much as do pros. Thus, while Sugoi has a complete line of sleek and form-fitting race apparel Triathlon, Triathlon and Cross Country Skiing, this technology is also used to make outstanding apparel that fits and flatters the recreational athlete.

Sugoi focuses on exceptional fit, details and reliable performance and looks to develop technical solutions for cardiovascular sports. After conducting a significant amount of research, Merino was chosen for its position as both a natural and technical fiber as well as for its soft hand. Athletes also appreciate the breathability and durability that Merino provides.

To represent Merino’s key properties, the new collection is fittingly named, Wallaroo, after a breed of kangaroo most adaptive to hot and cold temperatures. Merino has excellent thermal regulation and moisture movement, to keep people comfortable in all conditions, even when they’re wet.

“We’ve already had fantastic bookings and the response has truly been spectacular,” said Stan Mavis, president of Sugoi. “The buyers were surprised that it was so luxurious and had almost a cashmere hand to it.”

“AWI introduced us to a special enzyme wash that can be used to take out the coarser fibers and produce a more uniform and consistent product that washes and wears very well,” said Mavis. “North American society is a washer/dryer society so it was important that the product be washer/dryer friendly.”

The Wallaroo collection features two different weights of Merino and seven styles of men’s and women’s apparel. Certain pieces are intended to be used for base layering while others can be worn independently depending on the activity. The new collection is consistent with other Sugoi lines, featuring the same look and feel and performance oriented stitching despite the move to Merino.

Stuart McCullough, director of North American Operations at AWI, is enthusiastic about the new line and how it is already changing common misperceptions about Merino.

“AWI is constantly looking for ways to spread the word that Merino is not the itchy, scratchy product it used to be,” said McCullough, who spearheaded the Sugoi partnership with AWI. “Sugoi, with its vast network of retailers around the world, is a perfect company to facilitate this initiative. Because of their high-tech nature, Sugoi is a company that is studied by many of the major North American retailers as a cutting-edge innovator of product. We are working hard to ensure that we extend the adoption by retailers of the new merino wool products that show the product as luxurious, soft and easy-care.”

“That’s incredible in any language”

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