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tokoToko - Nordic Ski Wax

Nordlite XCold Powder  TOKO Nordlite X-Cold Powder

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Very hard Hydrocarbon powder wax to use as an additive in cold, aggressive snow conditions.
  • For extremely cold, dry snow conditions
  • Powder form allows for easy ironing

Temperature Range: -30 to -15 C (-22 to 5 F)
Weight: 60.0 g

Manufacturer Part Number: 4020002709999
EAN13: 7613062892341

Demonstration of how to apply a HF Blue XCold Powder mix
Applying an HF Blue/XCold Mix

XCold Powder has earned its way to being one of the absolute most popular waxes on the racing circuit.  Its main purpose is to make the skis slide faster when the snow is cold and slow.  If conditions are cold and fast, leave it out.  The video below demonstrates how to mix HF Blue and XCold Powder, a very common and successful combination.



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