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Toko System 3 Hot Wax

Toko System 3 Hot Wax Toko Nordic Ski Wax

A soft, easy-to-apply Hydro-Carbon-Wax for damp and wet snow conditions in the stated temperature range.

Toko System 3 wax Toko System 3 Hot Wax Red/Yellow Toko System 3 Hot Wax red Toko System 3 Blue: A very hard, abrasion-resistant Hydro-Carbon-Wax for extremely cold and aggressive conditions.

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System-3 Yellow, Yellow/Red, Red, Blue

All in One Wax  This universal hot wax can be used for all types of snow and temperatures. An ideal wax for base-care, it protects against dirt accumulation and oxidization during storage.

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The high quality hydrocarbon system is often used by the professionals for training - proof that the waxes meet the highest training demands of racers. The tried-and-tested, simple temperature coordination guarantees that choosing the right wax that will work on any kind of snow is easy. System-3 wax is also especially suitable for the upkeep of new equipment. It saturates the base, keeps it smooth, hinders oxidation and optimizes gliding properties. New skis and new Boards are often “broken in” in the World Cup with System-3 waxes (the expression “breaking in” describes the continued ironing and scraping of new equipment with hot wax).PROPERTIES
Alpine Skiing Downhill skiing - Carving SnowBOArding Cross Counrty Touring Classic Skiing Skate Skiing

System 3 yellow optimized for temperature: 0 �C to -4 �C / 32 �F to 25 �F

System 3 Red optimized for temperature: -4 �C to -10 �C / 25 �F to 14 �F

System 3 Blue optimized for temperature: -10 �C to -30 �C / 14 �F to -22 �F

Applying hot wax

Melt Toko wax on the plate of the iron
spacerMelt wax on the plate of the iron
Drip wax onto the base. Ensure that wax is applied evenly. Tip: For mixtures, simply hold the wax sticks together and possibly tie an elastic band around them
Iron in Toko wax
spacer Iron in wax
Push or pull the iron evenly over the gliding surface. If the iron does not glide smoothly, drip on some more wax.
clean edges
spacerUncover side edges and groove
Uncover the edges immediately after waxing (professional technique)
Scrape off Toko wax
spacer Scrape off wax
Use the Plexi blade to scrape off the wax from the base in the running direction after about an hour.

Tip: The longer you leave the wax to cool and, therefore, harden, the faster the skis/Boards will be.
Brush out base structure
spacer Brush out base structure
Brush out the base structure in the running direction with the copper brush. For cold snow conditions (harder waxes), use the nylon brush to polish the base afterwards. Use the horsehair brush for the finish.
Sharpen the Plexi blade
spacerSharpen the Plexi blade
Pull the Plexi blade across the blade sharpener, which is suitable for various blade widths.

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