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Revel Sports Toko Nordic Ski Wax

Toko Nordic Ski Wax

TOKO Ski Wax


TOKO Ski Wax Tribloc High Fluoro


 TOKO Ski Wax TOKO Ski Wax  Tribloc low Fluoro

 Toko Base Brush Comby Nylon/Copper Hand Brushes

 Carbon Klister Orange   Klister Wax

Toko Nordic Grip Wax Grip Wax

Nordic Starter kit Swix/Toko Nordic Ski Starter Kit

This kit includes Toko Waxes and Swix Tools,

the perfect economical set for every snow condition.

Innovative from the very beginning. Ever since the company was founded, the development of advanced products has been an essential component of the Toko philosophy. Today, Toko is a leading global company with excellent future prospects in the areas of ski, textile and footwear care.



New Products for 2012.13

Hot Waxes

The big change for the coming year is that all Toko hot waxes are reformulated and repackaged.

The waxes are completely new. The waxes still come in yellow, red, and blue indicating warm,

just below freezing, and cold. Moly has been replaced by DLC (Diamond like carbon), a new

material with improved qualities over Moly.

Tribloc HF replaces Dibloc HF. 120g and 40g sizes

Tribloc LF replaces Dibloc LF. 120g and 40g sizes

NF replaces S3. Just 120g size. Now Bluesign approved meaning passes a high level of

environmental friendliness.

Base Prep wax is replaced by NF Black

All in One wax now in 120g and 40g sizes

NF Hot Box Wax is a new product available in 120g

HF Rub on Wax Similar formulation now available in a twist up packaging for easier use

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