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The Transition...

The transition area is ‘another discipline’ within this sport called triathlon. It is the area that is set out to hold your bikes and kit for the three stages of the race. You will use this area twice, once to change from your swim to your bike, and the second time from your bike to your run, so you need to know the in’s and out’s of this bustling area.

The transition can be anything from a beach or tennis courts, to huge highly organized, guard dog patrolled fenced off areas with 2500 bikes in it.

Transitions always have an in and an out, and these must be obeyed. Some for bike, some for run. When approaching the transition for the first time with your bike and kit, the marshals will check your bike, and your helmet, and show you the correct entrance and exit. If you are unsure, ask again. It is very important that you understand your race routes.

The transition may be divided into alphabetical order, age groups, or numbers. If it is a numbered transition, then find your number and rack your bike.

Some prefer to rack the bike with the handlebars, some with the saddle. The choice is yours. When you rack your bike, make sure the gear that you have selected is a nice and easy one. This will mean that once you have jumped on the bike, it will easy to get away, and you will not have to push a big gear.

When the bike is racked, have a good look at where you bike is in the transition area. Remember that when you come out of the swim you have to find your bike, along with a few others. Walk around the transition. Find out where you will come out of the swim, and walk the route that you are going to do. In the entrance, make sure you know how many racks you have to run past before you get to your bike. Is there something that it near your bike such as a lamppost, or bin. Remember to chose a stationary object!

You are not allowed to mark the floor to where you bike it, or put things on the bike so that you can recognize it. Count the number of racks and then find out if your bike is on the left or right.

Do this a few times, so that you can get it right when the real race is on.

Remember to look at where you will come in from the bike. Again, you need to find your racking area. You are not allowed to just ‘leave’ your bike anywhere in the transition area. Walk the route so you are ready for it when you have finished the cycle leg.

Lay your kit out in the same way that you would put it on. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to set your kit up, and look at your routes around the transitions. It will go very quickly!

Here are some tips to make your transition a smooth one

When you have finished the cycle leg of the race, you will approach the transition and the marshals will slow you down. The mount line is often the dismount line, and you must be off you bike before you get to this line. You can get a time penalty if you go over it.

Walk the bike through the transition, remember the route you planned!

Do not remove your helmet until you have racked your bike. Don’t even just undo the clip, you could gain a time penalty. Rack the bike and then take your helmet off. Get your shoes off and your trainers on. We suggest that you use Yankz,  elastic laces so that you don’t have to tie a bow in them. Turn your number round and away you go. If it sunny put a running cap on. Again, take some water from your bottle if you need it. Remember the correct route out!

Some other transition tips.

This should help you to have smooth transition. Remember to practice your transitions as often as possible!

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