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Tips for aspiring Triathletes

Race season is around the corner and are you looking for a new challenge? Many athletes consider racing in a triathlon but have many questions. In this article, Running Free provides some answers to your questions.

Step 1 – Choose a Race

Congratulations for committing to trying your first tri!

To start off on the right foot, choose a race. Setting a race as a goal will help focus your training. Many triathlons offer shorten distances or relay event, perfect for first timers

Step 2 – Gear Up

There are so many choices to choose from and if you are a gear-head, you can quickly accumulate a lot of gear. Below is a list of some basic pieces of gear you will require that will not break the bank:

If you have these items, here some optional pieces to consider:

All gear can be purchased at Revel Sports. For bikes visit your local bike store.
Step 3 - Train

Many of you will be juggling family and work commitments and will find it difficult to set aside a bunch of time to train. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need more than 3 hours a week to complete your first triathlon (try-a-tri/sprint formats).

The 1+1+1 formula applies here, that is one session of each of the disciplines of swim, bike and run. Additional training time is always valuable but not necessary. To enhance your training time, here are some tips to consider:

· Head to your local pool and go to lap swimming

· Join your local master’s swimming group.

Step 4 – Race!

Your first race can be a daunting affair with hundreds of fit, toned athletes with shiny new bikes. Take a deep breath and tell yourself you to are fit and toned!


Every triathlon has a transition area – drop off your bike on the bike rack and your

· Proceed through the registration process and get body marked, race bib, swim cap and your timing chip

· Do a walkthrough of the transition area so you become familiar of where you will be heading from: the swim and exiting on the bike, bike to run and the finish line.

· Remember where your bike is relative to the entrance of the transition area.

· Lay out your bike helmet and run clothes on a small towel you have brought. This towel will be handy to stand on while you transition.

· Head to the beach area and warm-up!


The race start can be quite chaotic but it can also be a pleasant experience. Here are some general tips:


Congratulations! You just finished your first race, now what?

Next Steps

Doesn’t it feel great? Are you hooked yet? Consider trying a sprint or Olympic distance race and see how that format feels. For the ambitious, try the long course format (2k swim/55k bike/15k run) or half-Ironman (2k swim/90k bike/21k run).

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