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illumiNITE Elite Activa Lightweight Tight
Woman's Style 22701/22083

illuminite reflective apparel

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illuminite Activa Tightilluminite Activa Tight

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Colors: All Black or Reflective Blue

A perennial favorite among runners and cyclists alike. Sleek next-to-skin styling for optimal comfort, moisture management and freedom of movement with new articulated knee.


Sizes: S-XL

illuminite Womens Size Chart

4 way stretchLYCRA®
Premium stretch and recovery fiber for enhanced comfort, fit and incredible freedom of movement.
cool dry Advanced wicking technology that transports moisture away from skin to the fabric's outer surface where it quickly dries, regulating body temperature

Safety Advice for Running in the Dark

illuminite reflective apparel for running, jogging, walking, Nordic Walking, cycling, and Bicycling. Great for motorcycling as well

Combining style and performance,illumiNITE is the natural choice for today's outdoor enthusiast who doesn't stop when the sun goes down. At anytime and in all conditions,illumiNITE provides you with unique head to toe reflectivity, making you fully visible to motorists. This performance is delivered without compromising functionality such as moisture management, breathability, weight and wind resistance.

Using patented techniques, microscopic retro-reflective sataLITE DISHES, acting like millions of mirrors working together to reflect light back to its originating source, illumiNITE® technical fabrics offer the highest specification of comfort, design and protection powered by illumiNITE technology.


In 2002, 4,882 runners and/or pedestrians were killed by vehicles in the US. Another 78,000 were injured. Of a combined total of both injury accidents and fatalities, 64% occurred at night or in the early a.m. in the dark.* Don't be a statistic! Whether you run at dusk, dawn or somewhere in between, run smart and BE SEEN! Breathable microfiber and the best of reflective technology make illumiNITE a revolutionary product for runners and bikers looking for visibility on the road. illumiNITE embeds millions of microscopic particles in the fabric to reflect light back to its source, making you visible from over 400 feet away. The fabric's reflection shows the full and unmistakable form of a runner to any approaching motorist.
(as found on the NHTSA web site with findings by the National Center for Statistics Analysis)

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