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Illuminite Reflective Apparel

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illumiNITE Reflective Running and Cycling Apparel

Men's illumiNITE - Additional Colors Inside

WindGARD Shirt iluminite marathon jacket illuminite vest illuminite Seattle hydroGARD Jacket  Style 81709 illuminite Triathlon Reflective Vest
A great versatile shirt for those cold and windy days outdoors. Reflective Cycling Jacket iluminite marathon vest illuminite The ultimate all-purpose, all weather jacket, providing optimal waterproof/breathable protection , day or night illuminite Triathlon Reflective Vest
WindGARD Shirt
Neon Marathon Jacket
Neon Marathon Vest SALE! Seattle Waterproof
Triathlon Vest SALE!
illumiNITE PT Performance Jacket  Style 11706 illuminite reflective jacket Lightweight microBREATHE fabric, TeflonĀ® coating illumiNITE PT Performance Jacket  Style 11709 illumiNITE Century Reflective Jackets  
Classic warm-up athletic jacket at a fantastic value. illuminite reflective jacket Lightweight microBREATHE fabric, TeflonĀ® coating Classic warm-up athletic jacket at a fantastic value. illumiNITE Century Reflective Jackets  
PTPerformance Jacket
Aquator Jacket
Century Softshell Jackets
illuminite VIZI Jacket Style and versatility combined. A jacket with removable sleeves. Thermagard tights illuminite tights illuminite reflective running shorts  
illuminite reflective jacket with removable sleeves. illuminite tights illuminite tights illuminite reflective running shorts  
 2-In 1 ViziJacket
Performance thermaGARD Tight Versa Pant Dusk 2 Dawn Shorts  


The ultimate all-purpose, all weather pant, providing optimal waterproof/breathable protection, day or night illumiNITE Century Reflective Jackets      
illumiNITE Intrepid Waterproof Pant  Style 21788 illumiNITE Century Reflective Jackets      
Intrepid WaterProof Pant Century Jackets

Men's IllumiNITE
Woman's IllumiNITE
Cycling IllumiNITE
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In 2002, 4,882 runners and/or pedestrians were killed by vehicles in the US. Another 78,000 were injured. Of a combined total of both injury accidents and fatalities, 64%occurred at night or in the early a.m. in the dark.* Don't be a statistic! Whether you run at dusk, dawn or somewhere in between, run smart and BE SEEN! Breathable microfiber and the best of reflective technology make illumiNITE a revolutionary product for runners looking for visibility on the road. illumiNITE embeds millions of microscopic particles in the fabric to reflect light back to its source, making you visible from over 400 feet away. The fabric's reflection shows the full and unmistakable form of a runner to any approaching motorist. (as found on the NHTSA web site with findings by the National Center for Statistics Analysis)

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