Toko Nylon Brush

Toko Nylon Brush
All-round brush for brushing all kinds of hot wax. Stiff Nylon Ideal for brushing ironed in JetStream

  • This brush is used for all around cleaning
  • 15mm nylon bristles are durable and most commonly used for all around cleaning and prep use
  • Perfect brush to clean the base and use as a first prep brush
  • Used for both prep and finish
  • Easy to use
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These Toko brushes are being used above all in the World Cup. Their design, impressive quality, durability and the size of the brush contact surface guarantee perfectly prepared bases. The natural leather strap guarantees optimal grip and allows efficient base work. Racing team technicians around the world swear by Toko racing brushes.

After a while, brushes can become clogged with wax and even dirt. One way to clean a brush is to aggressively rub a scraper edge against it going back and forth. Another way is to take two brushes and put snow between then and rub them back and forth. The snow helps to remove the wax. Others wash their brushes with very hot water or even put them in the dishwasher. These practices are discouraged because after prolonged exposure to water, the wooden brush handles will warp.

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