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greatness (10/14/2011)
I''ve put these on all my running and race shoes and never had an issue of pinching or too lose. The best investment for saving time in a triathlon.

Dave - Wisconsin
Opinion (6/11/2007)
Product is a great replacement for plain shoe laces.

Walt - New York/USA
Alabama (8/11/2004)
My wife bought these for me for Christmas and they are great. They keep my shoes snug during running but I can still slip them on/off with hardly any effort. I would recommend to anyone to buy the Yankz product even if they are not an athelete. I am thinking of getting some for my old running shoes that I use for non-sports activities. Thanks again for such a great product. Kenneth H. - Birmingham

Kenneth H. - Alabama
Yucaipa (8/11/2004)
I've had the same pair of Yankz in my shoes for over 18 months and have yet to re-adjust them. They have kept the same comfortable, blister-free fit during all my miles of working out and through many 5, 10, 15k and half-marathons. The shoes have finally worn out, but not the Yankz. Galean D. -

Galean D. - ca
San Diego (8/11/2004)
It's my pleasure to say that Yankz! lacing is the best thing for my running shoes. I never worry about laces coming untied and my shoes are easy to slip on. On my runs, Yankz! shock cord construction provides a comfortable, secure, and form fitting feel: My shoes and feet are one. Kevin R. -

Kevin R. - CA
Very comfortable (1/30/2004)
Yankz! Are very comfortable to ware. They allow your foot to expand as you run yet keep your foot from slipping. Although they make the shoe very easy to put on, I find the comfort factor make them very worthwhile.

Perry Dau - Owner Revel Sports - Wisconsin
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