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USA! (10/18/2018)
Fun shorts, great fit

Get A Pair - USA
best running shorts! (6/4/2010)
These are the best shorts I've found after a lot of shopping around. The long shorts so popular with kids are just not meant for real movement and running. I got one pair to try out and I''m back for more. For fashion, I got tired of mostly seeing black, boring. I like a little pizazz you know. For comfort and style they can''t be beat. They are fantastic for my long runs, no chafing, The full split makes them extremely comfortable and cool. On the negative side, I do wish the liner were a bit snugger though. Otherwise I love 'em!

Steve - Nevada
Best Shorts Ever (7/19/2008)
These are great short for fast running!

Tim - Algona
BOA Printed Shorts (5/1/2007)
I have been buying BOA Mens Elite Printed running shorts since 1998, they always fit perfectly, wear well and have a key pocket that is actually functional, Great Shorts.

George - Colorado/USA
Short shorts are the way to go (10/31/2006)
I bought a pair of these type if running short shorts about a month ago. I liked them so much that I bought more of them. I like my running shorts very short for total freedom of movement and light weight. These shorts deliver with the 3/4 split design and the extremely short length for no chafing. If you like running in short shorts than stock up on these shorts. These are the best running short shorts I have ever owned and will be buying more of them in the spring. Have fun running.

Bryan - Indiana
Best Shorts! (2/3/2006)
I was on the hunt for some flashy shorts a while back and stumbled upon this fine pair.

BOA shorts are easily the best I've owned. I find that I like my shorts to be light and feel like they're not there - these are it. A three hour run can get taxing, and every little bit of comfort helps. The built-in lining is excellent and the design allows for a lot of free movement. Buy these - you won't regret them!

Nick - WA/USA
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