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Yaktrax Yaktrax ProYaktrax Pro

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Yaktrax Yaktrax Walker Yaktrax Walker

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Yaktrax Yaktrax XTR Extreme Yaktrax XTR extreme

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Which Yaktrax do you need:
The Yaktrax Pro or the Yaktrax Walker?

The Yaktrax Walker is designed for people who were walking on an icy parking lot, sidewalk or walking their dog. It is great for pedestrians, kids or the elderly. We have grandparents, moms, dads, school children, college students and dog owners staying on their feet during the winter months thanks to the Yaktrax Walker.

The Yaktrax Pro is designed for the more active winter person. A mail carrier, runner, outside worker or someone who faces winter conditions on a daily basis. They are made of a more durable rubber blend and have a removable strap, should you go into deep snow. We have marathoners, police officers, Triathletes, speed walkers, construction workers, crossing guards, and many other professionals using the Pro.

Don't let a Midwest Blizzard, Chicago Snowstorm, or a Great Nor'easter keep you indoors.

Yaktrax Pro

Prevent slips on ice and snow. They give you instant Confidence On Packed Snow & Ice

Run Outside in the Snow and Ice

Yak trax Pro, Running gear traction for the snow and ice. Yaktrax are in stock and ships within 24 hours.

Top Reasons Why
The Yaktrax Pro Works.

The Yaktrax Pro

"Yaktrax kept me from falling during a recent ice storm and going more damage to my hip and back. Wonderful product and worth the price" Hank, Tulsa, OK

"I put them on my running shoes when I went out during an Snow Storm and couldn't believe how good they were." Ben, Houghton, MI

The Yaktrax Pro is made of a natural rubber blend, the Yaktrax Pro is great for the more active winter enthusiast.  The Yaktrax Pro is ideal for the person needing increased traction and durability while working, running or enjoying outdoor activities during the winter months in the ice and snow

The Yaktrax Pro is equipped with a removable performance strap that was designed for stability.  The Yaktrax Pro still has the same simple design and effectiveness as the Walker with the unique 360 degrees of traction with every step you take.  When you walk or run with the Yaktrax Pro, every step you take places hundreds of biting edges in direct contact with the ice or snow beneath your feet. This gives you remarkable traction on packed snow or ice.

You will move about naturally with the Yaktrax Pro.  There's nothing new to learn, just walk as you normally would and experience stability and traction on ice and snow like you never felt before. More

Get the most of your Yaktrax Pro by following these tips and precautions:

Always walk with extreme care on ice.  Yaktrax Pro is designed to give you confidence and safety in snowy or icy conditions. The Yaktrax Pro is not for use on gravel, concrete or sanded roads.  Avoid surfaces such as marble, tile or any non-icy, non-snowy surfaces when wearing the Yaktrax Pro.

Walk with your Yaktrax Pro as you normally would wearing a pair of shoes.

Always use common sense when walking on ice with any traction device. 

Yaktrax Pro Size Chart

Do men and women's Yaktrax differ? No. The only difference is the sizing. See our size charts under each product.

  • Run Safely This Winter
  • Exercise Outside in the Snow and Ice
  • Commute To Work Safely
  • Easy To Use
  • Spikeless
  • Removable Performance Strap
  • Natural Rubber Blend

Yaktrax Pro prevents slips on ice or snow.




Study Confirms
Keep Elderly Safer On Ice and Snow YakTrax Walker for safety on ice and snow The Yaktrax Walker is designed for people who are looking for an easy-to-use, lightweight traction device for their shoes.  The Walker is the original version of Yaktrax and is ideal for pedestrians, the elderly, business people or anyone who want greater stability on ice and snow.  Use the Yaktrax Walker while walking to and from work, school or just to the mailbox.

The Walker is made out of an injection molded thermal plastic elastomer designed for easy on and off.  The coils are protected against rusting and hand-wound to give you 360 degrees of traction on ice and snow.  When you walk in the Yaktrax Walker, every step you take places hundreds of biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet.  Yaktrax can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees Fahrenheit.

The patented design of the Walker makes it a unique solution to walking on packed snow and ice.  The outer band conforms to the length and width of your boot or shoe.  The high strength horizontal coils provide forward and backward stability.  The vertical coil pattern provide side-to-side stability.

Recently tested by hundreds of winter enthusiasts, the Walker has been approved and recommended by the National Health & Wellness Club and the Handyman Club of America.

  • Walk Naturally
  • Easy On/Off
  • Spikeless/Ultralight
  • Abrasion Resistant Steel Coils
  • Ten Times The Gripping Points As Any Spike
    Based Traction Device

Yaktrax Walker Size Chart

Yaktrax Walker Size Chart

Don't Let Slips & Falls Slow You Down This Winter!

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